Lazarus Clamp to play Platform festival

Lazarus Clamp are delighted to be performing at the inaugural Platform Festival held at the Railway Inn in Winchester, on Sunday May 6th 2018. There’s a really great line-up: Husky Loops, The Chap,  Souer, Long Teeth, Lazarus Clamp, The Wubworld Band. Click on the picture above for more information, or here if you’d like to […]

LP update.

So: ‘The bird is not the metaphor’ is released on Damnably/Little Red Rabbit on 18th April, 2015. In the UK and Europe it’s distributed via Shellshock, and in the US via Comedy Minus One. There are advance streams of Latch (which you may have heard on BBC 6Music) and Let’s Get Fired on our Bandcamp. […]

The bird is not the metaphor.

If you’ve been following our progress on the Facebook page, you’ll know we’ve been busy. If you haven’t, then this will be news to you: we’ve been busy. We’ve been busy doing all the stuff we’re usually busy doing (eating foods that disagree with us, trying to be parents/children/both to our children/parents/both, working at our […]

The bird is not the metaphor (N.B. I’ve lost count what part of the saga we’re on).

Apologies for the lapse in communications. I’ve been updating the Facebook group, but have been a bit reluctant to post ‘nearly news’ here. We were dormant from April until September. Reverse hibernation. Since then, we’ve been busy, regaining the ground we had occupied until the ‘accidentally moving house’ incident. And the ‘inadvertently ruining a finger’ […]

‘The bird is not the metaphor.’ Part 2.

We spent an enjoyably exhausting 9 hours in the dankest rehearsal rooms that Birmingham has to offer this weekend. Saturday’s time was spent revisiting, ‘Bow down,’ ‘Latch,’ and ‘This is how I cut my own throat’ from the previous session. So – somewhat predictably – ‘Bow down’ has now lost the dronerock intro that was […]

‘The bird is not the metaphor.’ Part 1.

We braved the impending severe weather warning and made a trip to our rock n’ roll meridian [Milton Keynes] on Saturday afternoon for the first four hours’ work on songs for the new LP. Despite the frozen pipes in the rehearsal rooms, and the lurking expectation that we would emerge into a silent winter wonderland […]

Recording mode / Christmas compilation

Three things: Firstly, we have a song included on the forthcoming Little Red Rabbit Christmas compilation. It will be a home recording of ‘100 W bulb’ – so its a work in progress – but evidence suggests that there’s something rather nice happening there. Secondly, there is another home recording on the L. Clamp Facebook […]