London Brixton London, Fri 11th of November

We are delighted to be playing at Damnably’s birthday party on Friday 11th November, 2011, at the Windmill, Brixton. Details here: And here: According to the latter, apparently, we are ‘ancient’, and have ‘softened’. Like a good prune. You can’t beat a good prune.

Leeds Leeds Leeds

This is the first date in the diary for autumn gigs, and our first time in Leeds since we played at ‘120 Rats’ [is that still there?] with Half Seas Over and a couple of other bands in about 1999. Obviously we will party exactly like it is 1999, but I’m not promising any actual […]

Dirty weekend

We spent the weekend together, for the first time since February. New children, poorly children, broken stuff, and busy lives kept us occupied in the interim. It wasn’t dirty, not really, but it was wet. We tried to barbecue on Saturday night, and ended up leaving a defiant John out on the grass with the […]

Downloads pt 1

There’s now a pretty comprehensive set of material on the bandcamp site. All of the LPs are now available. ‘Death to technicians!’ and ‘The more we are the funnier it is’ both come with PDFs of the CD artwork. ‘The more we are the funnier it is’ and ‘Such as you are and still not […]

Opinions are like …

I was invited to submit a ‘best of 2010’ list to Delusions of Adequacy, got a bit carried away, and ended up raving at some length about Bottomless Pit. A bit unfair on the other records I listed [which are great] – but here’s the link. This week, I am mostly boring people to death […]

"I do like Lazarus Clamp"

Tom Robinson’s been at it again. You can listen to Sunday morning’s show here for the rest of the week. We’re also featured on a podcast from the show which will be available a bit longer. Direct link here.