Well, that was a very strange couple of weeks. The most surreal moment was watching Geoff Farina being tested on his Star Wars knowledge by baby Clamp. The most transcendent moment was Chris Brokaw’s playing on Jason Molina’s ‘T for Two Stars’ [can never remember what that’s really called]. The worst moment needs no elaboration […]

ANNOUNCEMENT – SHOW CHANGE Was: Chris Brokaw and Geoff FarinaNow: Chris Brokaw and Jason Molina When: Friday 26th March 2010, London We are sorry to have to announce that, due to a family emergency, Geoff Farina has had to withdraw from the show at the Luminaire on Friday 26th March. However, the show at the […]

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Frisky in the Springtime, 2010

We have three outings coming up in the next few weeks: On Wed 24th March, we play in Arthur Clamp format [that’s Michael, Huw and Tom], opening for Geoff Farina and Chris Brokaw at The Hare and Hounds, Birmingham. On Fri 26th March, we play in genuine Lazarus Clamp format [that’s all of us], again […]

Releases for sale

The following Lazarus Clamp releases are available via mail order. Such as you are and still not seeming to mind. 220g vinyl LP. [2001, Words and works rejected/Cleverlegs]. £5 + £1.50 postage. The more we are the funnier it is. CD. [2004, Words and works rejected/Cleverlegs]. £5 + £1.50 postage. Death to technicians. CD, also […]


1. The Against Entitlement vinyl has arrived. Little Red Rabbit have a re-adjusted release date of 23rd November. But if you want to mail order it anyway, contact us on eclamp[at]hotmail.com and we’ll let you have the Paypal details to get it direct from us. 2. There’s a good quality podcast of our strange unplanned-drumless […]