Arthur Clamp

This week’s L.Clamp gig for Damnably with David Grubbs and Former Utopia is now Michael, John and Andrew, rather than just Michael on his ownsome. There will be banjo. And some mistakes (rehearsals have consisted of one early morning telephone conversayion about equipment, and a couple of emails about the songs we can’t play without […]

Ex voto jukebox

This is a new project that Michael is involved in. Each month you get the chance to have a song written about your experiences. Take a look, and please contribute if you like the idea: Its not too late to save him from having to write a song about Huw’s slightly sore knee. Please.

Silver Rocket

We played at Silver Rocket this week. Apart from Tom, we all arrived on time (unusually), from our various corners of the country. Time enough to hang around listening to Big Joan’s basstasmic soundcheck, grumble about the weather, and eat pies. The soundman was good. As a result, the sound was also good. Our hosts […]

New songs, pt II

Clumsily abutted onto the end of a gig preparation event, two new songs took their first breaths as children of the entire band. These were ‘Bow Down’ and ‘Simple & Easy’. Huw bashed manfully along to Michaels latest interpretation of these future classics. Andrew and Tom noodled away happily. I tried to make my bassline […]

Welcome to the Lazarus Clamp blog

Hello. Lazarus Clamp is/are five people who make music together, and have been doing so in various combinations since 1994. We tend to pursue a reasonably consistent aesthetic, preferring relatively straightforward recording techniques (i.e. analogue, and ‘live’ where we can), choosing tactile instrumentation (strings and drums, rather than bleeps and buttons), and requiring enough musical […]