"I do like Lazarus Clamp"

Tom Robinson’s been at it again. You can listen to Sunday morning’s show here for the rest of the week. We’re also featured on a podcast from the show which will be available a bit longer. Direct link here.

Giant Sand cover version

One of the out-takes from ‘It Aint What You Do, Its What It Does To You’ was a cover of Giant Sand’s song ‘Artists.’ George Gargan recently played this unreleased track on his excellent Damnably radio show, which you can hear online: http://www.damnably.com/2011/01/11/damnably-radio57/ I particularly enjoyed the uncomfortable segue out of Giant Sand themselves, whose […]

Tom Robinson – radio play

Canon was played on Tom Robinson’s Introducing show on Monday morning. You can listen to it here for the next few days. There’s a nice bit at the end, where the song is described by Tom as having something like a ‘fluid sinuosity.’ We’ll need to get some tablets for that.

Reversed reverses

Well that was an interesting week. I missed the Leicester date entirely: thanks to the snow, I spent the evening stranded in Boroughbridge. Thanks to George at Damnably and Sarah at Tin Angel, however, there was a bit of reshuffling and I made the Coventry show instead. I played Slow Hands [the Silkworm song], Tethered […]

November 28th, The Musician, Leicester.

A last-minute addition to the Chris Brokaw and Geoff Farina tour: Sunday 28th NovemberThe Musician, Leicesterhttp://www.wegottickets.com/event/994817pm £5 advChris Brokaw & Geoff Farina;Michael L. Clamp & Tom McClure;Michael Liggins. A nice surprise for us Рreally looking forward to this.

No bananas are stored in this vehicle overnight.

We enjoyed ourselves at the Bellini gig. There’s a recording of the whole thing on the Damnably site if you missed it, or enjoyed it and want to hear it again: http://www.damnably.com/2010/10/28/bellini-live-at-brixon-windmill-24-oct/ Three of the first four songs of our set – Horse You Rode In On, Bow Down, [I Came to Work and I […]

New songs, part VIII.

See? I told you this was sloooowww work. I stayed over with John earlier in the month, but forgot to take the baritone with me, so couldn’t work on the song I intended to. Instead, I borrowed his telecaster, and we worked on Apple & Pear, slowing it down to a crawl and piling on […]

October 24th, Brixton Windmill.

We play the Windmill for Damnably, on Sunday 24th October with headliners Bellini, and a host of others. Doors open early [4pm, it says here]. Bellini, Lazarus Clamp, Slowgun, Head Of Programmes, Dead Days Beyond Help, Former Utopia¬£4.50 viawww.wegottickets.com/event/89921www.gigantic.com/gigantic/home_bellini.htmlwww.facebook.com/event.php?eid=135753556466870 Windmill22 Blenheim GardensLondon SW2 5BZ4pm-11.30pmover 18s only Damnably Presents Bellini (US) + Lazarus Clamp, Slowgun, Dead […]

New songs, part VII

We march onward. Andrew, John and I did a bit of work on these on Sunday: Bow downThings are stickyThe horse you rode in onTethered not caged I wanted to do Latch; John wanted to do Dirty Names. We were too tired to argue, and did neither. These four are pretty playable now. Hopefully, we’ll […]

Artists on Albums.

I was recently invited to write a short piece for a Delusions of Adequacy series called Artists on Albums. I chose the Mekons record, Mekons Rock n Roll. You can read the results here.