The Station

‘Unsatisfying’ is probably the best way to describe this one, even though it was nice to do something in Birmingham, and for the Lunar Society, too. The gig was transferred from the Hare and Hounds to The Station some months ago because of a double-booking with John Cooper Clarke [which gave me a weird sense […]


Huw emailed in, sick. Nobody believed him, and so he sent us some pictures to prove it. They didn’t look good, as you can see – so we went ahead without him. After the usual London-related car adventures [overheating in the uncivilised traffic] and the usual subsequent rushed soundcheck, we sat down with coffee and […]

Islington Mill

We kicked off our little jaunt quite respectably at Islington Mill, despite the fact that no one could find it. After an afternoon practicing in a boomy and rather desolate ex-warehouse, we turned up to the venue to discover that it was erm … not that different to where we’d been practicing. It did have […]

Autumn gigs, 2009

Sunday 27th September – Islington Mill, Manchester, for Damnably, with Julie Doiron, and Construction and Destruction, and Former Utopia. Wednesday 30th September – Luminaire, London, for Damnably, with Julie Doiron, and Construction and Destruction, and Former Utopia. Friday 2nd October – The Station, Kings Heath, Birmingham, for the Moseley Lunar Society. Sunday 25th October – […]

Against entitlement, 19th October 2009

Against Entitlement will be released on 19th October, on Little Red Rabbit records (LRR014). It will be distributed by Forte. It will come as an LP, on 180g vinyl, and will include a free CD version of the album. Or, if you prefer, it comes as a CD, and will include a free 180g vinyl […]

New songs, pts IV & V

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Brighton for the week, and so I drove up to John’s one evening and we worked on these for a couple of hours: The horse you rode in onThings are sticky Then yesterday, four of us (everyone except Tom who was pre-booked) met in Birmingham, and spent […]

Against entitlement

Meanwhile, the preparation for the release of Against Entitlement is almost complete. The 9 songs are currently being mastered at Echolab. Once we have those back, we’re ready to roll. This new record will be released on Little Red Rabbit records (cat. no. LRR014) in October. It will come on 180g vinyl, with a free […]

New songs, pt III

John, Tom and myself met up in Birmingham this weekend just gone, where we ate too many doughnut-muffin hybrids [douffins? muffnuts?], and worked on some new songs: This is how I cut my own throatLatchSimple and easyTethered not cagedApple and pear Let the marathon CDr burning commence …

More former than latter

We mostly got away with that – although we set a rather frisky pace, which was somewhat at odds with the mood of the evening. Picture a post-rock, Shoreditch-close version of Jazz Club. Nice. Indicative exchange of the evening:John enters the little in-house record-shop; CDs and records are placed on every available surface – the […]

Pre Grubbs emotions running high

Following on from Michael’s thoughts… I have had to work out at least 3 of the bass lines from scratch, having not played these songs live ‘for a while’, and in one case, ‘before’. Are we holding true to some kind of misguided DIY ethic, or running along in the ill fitting but fashionable trainers […]