We kicked off our little jaunt quite respectably at Islington Mill, despite the fact that no one could find it. After an afternoon practicing in a boomy and rather desolate ex-warehouse, we turned up to the venue to discover that it was erm … not that different to where we’d been practicing. It did have some very friendly and helpful people in it, and a very, very tired Former Utopia, and a few fairy lights.

After a couple of hours, a lot of heel kicking [the other bands were lost in traffic] and some foul chips [John really enjoyed these, in a way which was completely disproportionate to their edibility, and which I guess was an indicator of how hungry we were by then], everybody else turned up.

We played:
Night of the steep learning curve
New hat
Hard work of simple things
Etymologist’s lament
Black plumes for Hot Peas
Stone beats this

‘New hat’ and ‘Canon’ felt a little sticky, but the others seemed to come out right. Tom played a blinder on ‘Hard work’ and the song soared off at the end in a way that I don’t think it ever really has before. Probably never will again, now!

Julie, Fred and Dan were very, very good. Some things were [very satisfyingly] predictable – quiet and pretty renditions of the quiet and pretty songs from the last few LPs, sweet as you like. Others were more surprising – big blasts of bluesy guitar, tumbling drums. And then some lovely songs with Fred and Dan singing too. The whole thing was also very relaxed and funny [attendance was on the ‘light’ side].

Anyone toying with idea of picking up a ticket for the Luminaire show is strongly encouraged to do so …

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